Rhonda attended the Atlanta College of Art, studying design, color theory and painting. She has applied this knowledge and skill to achieve works of singular clarity and expression.

“To begin with a blank surface and make a purposeful mark is a sublime effort. It is not so much the outcome as much as the process that is important. I enjoy the drawing, mixing and layering on of paint that results in a finished work of art: one that makes order out of chaos.” Her paintings reflect interpretations of objects observed, places traveled, and evoke the experience of that encounter. Subject matter, whether still life, landscapes or abstract, all convey a strong color interpretation.

Rhonda was very involved in the arts scene in the Mobile and Daphne area and was a member and secretary of the Watercolor and Graphic Arts Society of Mobile, and chaired the hospitality and hanging committees for the Eastern Shore Art Center and Bay Rivers Art Guild. She was also a volunteer at Bayside Academy in the arts department and helped establish the Art Guild. After moving to Birmingham in 2004, she was active with the Vestavia Hills Art Association. Rhonda’s studio is now at her home in Auburn, AL.