Bill Thompson lived a colorful life in the colorless world of Space Engineering.  Few men can say they have climbed the launch tower of a fueled Titan Rocket, sat in the cockpit of an International Flight, lived in the rugged Savannah of Africa, rode a camel in the Sahara,  picked coffee on the Greenwell Ranch of Hawaii, designed fighter aircraft, worked on space shuttles, graduated from survival school and has his name spinning around Mars 200,000,000 miles from earth etched in a metal plate.  Bill Thompson has done all of this and much more – the majority of it before he reached the age of forty.  With multiple degrees from the University of Alabama in engineering, his early pursuits were in the academic endeavors of the mind and not the creative message of his heart.

Looking back on his Renaissance man adventurous life he explains, “I pushed the envelope long before Xtreme Adventure was popular.  I explored, going higher, searching for the impossible, stuffing the urges to paint deeper and deeper inside.  When I surrendered to my passion for painting, peace came almost immediately.”

“My work is constantly evolving and moving into more expressive images.  I want to master light against dark, cool against warm, using the strong textural elements of oils.  While working with the space program, our goals were always to go deeper into the universe.  Now I want to bring that same mindset to the table and use it in learning and experimenting with the possibilities of color.”

Bill Thompson has grabbed awards by the hands full, been collected by giant corporations and has clients in Switzerland, France, Germany, England, Africa and several other countries.  He is represented by several major art galleries, with others asking for his exclusive representation in the area.

Those who follow Bill Thompson’s career will see a nova of talent develop into a bright Morning Star.  His constant push for excellence, mingled with a balanced home life makes it impossible to hold him back from his place among the talented few who discover a painting voice and the success that follows.